Estimated Ship-Out
After you place your order, it can take a little time for vendors to ship items to The estimated ship-out date on each product page indicates when we expect the item to leave our warehouse on its way to you. This time frame is our expectation based on most of our orders. We’ll email you if your package is going to ship out more than 2 days outside our estimate. Depending on where you live, products typically arrive 3-7 days after leaving our warehouse. Updated shipping details can also be found on your My Orders page.


Consolidated Shipments
The ship-out date can change if we consolidate your shipment. When might that happen? When you order multiple items or place multiple orders during your free shipping window, we try to consolidate your items into a single shipment. This means we’ll wait until the last item arrives at our warehouse to send out your entire shipment. The estimated ship-out date for all orders is determined by the single item that needs the most time to ship out and will be calculated based on the last day of your free shipping window. For example, if you place one order on Friday that can ship out from the warehouse in 5 days and another order on Sunday that can also ship out from the warehouse in 5 days, you should expect your order to ship out from the warehouse with both items on the following Friday (5 days after the second order). This is one of the key ways we're able to offer you such great deals.


Free Shipping Offers
We typically offer free shipping on successive orders in a designated window of time. Usually, the free shipping window lasts all day or for the weekend — i.e. you pay for shipping on the first order you place on a certain day, and then subsequent orders within the window ship free.


The following may incur delivery surcharges in addition to standard delivery fees:

  • Items that are heavy or bulky (strollers, rugs, bedding, etc.)
  • Items shipping to Alaska, Hawaii and APO/FPO/DPO addresses
  • Items drop-shipped directly from our vendors to you
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